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Update Time !!!

Here we are, its been a hectic 2012 and now a new start in 2013. We are proud to launch our new store, still found here:- - we will redirect the URL for now until we complete all orders from the old site. Unfortunately old registered members will need to re-register - there was no method to move clients across. We have also posted on facebook here - and very happy to announce our affiliation with and being their official partner in the UK and EU for the Rostock MAX printer:-

New Trinity Labs Pinch Extruders!

So, quickly printed one - love the colour and love the design. I need a bearing to complete the build, but I believe this will replace almost all of the current extruders on the market.

Its light, its simple, it just works.

These will be sold complete as a kit with all printed parts and hardware. See the store for more details.

Lots of Updates!!!

So, its been a hectic last few weeks. I was over in the USA for a few weeks and had some time to meet up with Maxbots (designer of the MendelMax) in Portland, Oregon. michael kors outletmichael kors handbags outlet I have also managed to bring back a number of GT2 gears and belts - stock is being updated now.

We are now on Facebook

Thanks to my darling wife, we now have a Facebook presence. Please 'like' us - will be looking to do some give-aways and similar in the near future.

J Head Mounting Plates now stocked!!!

So, to add to our ever increasing stock list, we now stock the lightweight aluminium plates for the J Heads.

Creative Machines now stock Arcol Hobbed Bolts

We are proud to announce that we now carry the Arcol Hobbed Bolts as part of our range of stock. This was previously included as part of our kits but is now available as 1 off purchases here:-

J Heads !!!

Ok, happy to announce that we have received more J Heads in stock. All pending orders will be packaged tonight and shipped in the morning.

J Heads back in stock

We have had 10 J Heads delivered today. Those waiting for them will likely have theirs posted tomorrow.

The 0.5mm remain black, the 0.35mm were done in a tan colour - simply due to availability of parts - plus it makes them easier to sort and identify.

Our first 'real' prints are on their way

So, a reasonable learning curve and a few silly mistakes but we are getting there - first set of prints that I would consider selling on the store. All other prints have been done prior by a friend on request.

J Heads

Ok, so the J Heads have flown out the shop, 1 more left, will be ordering more tonight, hope to get them back in stock around +- a week, perhaps a bit more.


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